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Unlikely Rooms Can Sell Homes

  So many times when homes are for sale, people forget that some areas of the home need a little more attention than others. Think about it for a minute, what’s the room that gets cleaned the least in your home? Now, I’ll bet you didn’t answer; “the garage.” Garages are an often-overlooked area when…


Manage Your Money

  Irregular income can make planning difficult, but it is not impossible. The word “budget” can be intimidating but the concept is vital for those who work on commission. It is important to plan carefully so you are prepared in the event of an income crisis or unforeseen expense. Here are some guidelines for assessing…


Real Estate Value

  What is real estate value? It isn’t what you have into your house. It isn’t what you feel it is worth. It is what the market will pay. How do you figure out what the market will pay? For single family homes, the best way is by seeing what similar homes have sold for.…


Another Home Sold

  Looking around on the Internet, Facebook, and other social networking sites, I seem to stumble across my peers and my colleagues whether by their advertisements or posts where the real estate agents boast, “Another home sold by ABC Real Estate!” It’s as though they are pointing at it to say that this is the…