Working by referral is all about trust.

And let’s face it, when we’re seeking a service, we look for someone we can trust—someone proven, who comes highly recommended and is already on our side.

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    Relationships are more important than transactions.

    You may have noticed that many real estate agents take a transactional approach to sales—identifying clients, closing the deal, and then moving on to the next one. I choose not to work that way because I believe you deserve more from the professional you decide to work with. That’s why I work by referral.
    Since my primary source of new business is referrals from people who know and trust me, I don’t choose to spend my time prospecting. This means I can dedicate myself fully to the activities that benefit your real estate needs and deliver truly exceptional service.

    Evan Russell

    Broker/Owner of Russell Realty Group

    Evan Russell is a native of St Louis, MO, before heading to Seattle for several years, then moving to Philadelphia. Gaining his broker license in NJ, he was asked to relocated to Boston to further his career before spring boarding into The Russell Realty Group. Born in January of 2011, the Russell Realty Group has grown to over 50 agents; extending from Greater Boston, to Southern New Hampshire and all the way to the Cape and throughout Worcester.

    We offer exclusive buyer programs, seller programs and short sale programs to our clients. Our team of agents at the Russell Realty Group knows, that if we don’t constantly outperform other agents in today’s marketplace and use our knowledge and follow up techniques to entice and educate our prospective buyers and sellers, they will buy or sell from someone who does.

    The Russell Realty Group consistently outperforms other real estate companies and goes above and beyond for our clients. By leveraging technology, we bring our buyers the best possible value during their purchases and obtain the highest value for our sellers.