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Free Pancake In North Reading

    ERA Russell Realty Group and Nan’s Café have teamed up to offer you a free pancake during the month of September.   Please visit Nan’s Café in North Reading any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for your free pancake courtesy of Evan Russell broker/owner of ERA Russell Realty Group.   Nan’s Café    …


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Serve Before You Sell

  The key is to success is to serve before you sell. Serve your client by delivering them the information that they want. Show them the properties that they can buy for the price range that they are approved for. If they are not approved yet, don’t demand that they get approved; suggest that they…


ERA Russell Team - North Reading Massachusetts Real Estate Agents

This Is OUR Team

  This blog is for all of my broker friends: When my friends in and around North Reading ask me, “Hey, Evan, tell me about your business,” I always reply with a standard and honest response. I simply say that we have a local North Reading office, with about sixty agents, and overall we do…


Shiny Object Syndrome

  If you haven’t already noticed, there are a ton of Facebook groups out there. In fact, I am probably in about over twenty of them myself. There’s Facebook Mastermind, Facebook Lead Generation, Facebook Expired, Facebook What Should I Spend My Money On, all these real estate groups that are geared toward giving information to…


The Magic Pill of Real Estate

  Alice went down the rabbit hole to Wonderland and found herself in any number of predicaments and situations where some magical food seemed to always hit the spot and send her off onto the next crazy scene. This isn’t far from how people have come to view life. Wherever we may find ourselves, we…


Another Home Sold

  Looking around on the Internet, Facebook, and other social networking sites, I seem to stumble across my peers and my colleagues whether by their advertisements or posts where the real estate agents boast, “Another home sold by ABC Real Estate!” It’s as though they are pointing at it to say that this is the…


Web Addresses Tells Your Story

  You’d be hard pressed to find, especially these days, a company that does not have a website. If you don’t have a website, well, you are really placing your business in a tiny pigeonhole. You need to provide a website that represents who you are and what you do; an Internet based presence has…


Forced Registration: Good or Bad?

  On a recent scroll through my Facebook feed, I came across a disgruntled post about forced registration. They made a comment along the lines of “no thanks, nothing to see here, moving along” and it made me stop and think: Is a business really expected to provide a website that cost them money to…


Is Social Media a False Positive?

  There are two schools of thought here… If you are not using Facebook and Twitter to GROW your business, and you keep pushing your real estate message on the same 100 or so friends that you have, then you are most likely not getting your message across effectively because the same people/friends are sick…


Unlikely Rooms Can Sell Homes

  So many times when homes are for sale, people forget that some areas of the home need a little more attention than others. Think about it for a minute, what’s the room that gets cleaned the least in your home? Now, I’ll bet you didn’t answer; “the garage.” Garages are an often-overlooked area when…


Your Email Inbox Is Your To-Do List

  In the constantly evolving, ever increasing realm of theories, techniques, and gadgets to assist the multitasking businessperson striving to prioritize and keep current, the most obvious tool is most often overlooked: Your e-mail inbox is the perfect to-do list. It is the one-stop-shop for establishing priorities, tracking input, recording responses with time and date…


Real Estate Value

  What is real estate value? It isn’t what you have into your house. It isn’t what you feel it is worth. It is what the market will pay. How do you figure out what the market will pay? For single family homes, the best way is by seeing what similar homes have sold for.…



  Why is there so much paperwork mandated by the bank for a mortgage loan application when buying a home today? It seems that the bank needs to know everything about us and requires three separate sources to validate each and every entry on the application form. Many buyers are being told by friends and…


Top Ten Tips For Home Buyers

  More than seven million American homes are sold every year. If you want to become a homeowner, there are 10 tips you should know:   About You Pay your bills on time. This makes you a lower credit risk and, therefore, a better candidate for a mortgage at the lowest possible rate. Paying your…


Homeowner’s Insurance

  If you need a loan to buy your home, you will be required to purchase homeowner’s, or hazard, insurance. The reason is simple, lenders want to know that you are protecting their investment from harm. Even without the mortgage requirement, you should carry homeowner’s insurance. In some ways, homeowner’s insurance is the easiest type…


Useful Tips To Buying A House

  Buying a home can be a daunting experience. If you’ve never done it before, you’re left wide open to all sorts of dodgy things being done to you, by the seller, their estate agent, or even your own estate agent. However, as with many things in life, a little knowledge goes a long way.…


Tips: Preparing Your Home For Sale

  Little Things Mean A Lot: Loose doorknobs or cabinet pulls, sticking doors and drawers, wobbly hinges, stuck windows – are negative factors. Check and repair all these minor flaws.   Painting For A Better Sale: A minor investment in paint will pay dividends in the form of a better price and/or a quicker sale.…


Tips for Single Homebuyers

  In the last few years, homes have became increasingly owned by single homeowners. Many single people are realizing that there are many benefits to owning a home that aren’t just for married couples. Single homebuyers face unique challenges in buying. They have to compete with dual-income households, which can be tough when the market…


7 Tips For Moving With Pets

  If the process of moving to a new home is stressful for you, imagine what it must be like for your pets. Follow these tips to make your move safer and less stressful for you and your furry friends.   Switching Vets? Consider a Pre-move Appointment. Ask for extra prescription refills, gather vet records,…


“Needs Work”

  I am confident that during the course of a home or property search that at some point or another a potential buyer has stumbled across the term “needs work” within a property description. Or how about in conversation asking one friend who might also be searching for a home how a certain home looked…


Have a Think About It

  Patience can be defined as quiet steady perseverance; even-tempered care. It’s becoming a lost virtue in our instant gratification society. Sometimes we need a simple study in patience. Definitely something we can all work on. Here’s a tip: Not everything needs to be done at the eleventh hour. Not everything is imperative that it…


The Red Jeep

  We all have goals and dreams. Sometimes our goals are easy to achieve and sometimes they take years. Some dreams are even discovered and set, just to get back the things we once had in our younger days. In my case, I had a ’93 Jeep Wrangler, man did I love that thing! I…